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Jay Z and Solange Make Up

Total Parody on TMZ. Jay Z and Solange hold a News Conference with Host Rafael Sugardance. Featuring Capone Lee.

2 Felix Baumgartner Interview at Tourneau's 510 Madison Avenue Store
3 911 Conspiracy Theory Playlist
4 =JUDGECAL'S= High Weirdness - Body Modifaction
5 In the Life with Steve Stanulis featuring Jason Mewes
6 Jay Z and Solange Make Up
7 Joey Reynolds LIVE!!!Solstice in Times Square: Athleta Mind Over Madness Yoga with Rajashree
8 UFO Conspiracy Playlist
9 In The Life with Steve Stanulis featuring Madame Mayhem
10 Idle Worship - Trailer

Do you think Obama should be impeached?
Yes worst Pres ever
No he saved the USA from financial ruin
Their all the same no way only 2 years to go
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Felix Baumgartner Interview at Tourneau's 510 Madison Avenue Store
Watch Tourneau's own Christel Chaunsumlit interview world record holder Felix Baumgartner. Find out what really went on during his ascent and descent and what he plans next!


In the Life with Steve Stanulis featuring Jason Mewes
Steve interviews the outrageous Jason Mewes about his new project and his hairy balls!


In The Life with Steve Stanulis featuring Madame Mayhem
Steve interviews guest and Grammy Performer Madame Mayhem


French Tuesdays New York Marquee March 19 2013
French Tuesdays Sound Festival 2013 at the fabulously remodeled Marquee. Sponsored by Carnard Ducheme Champagne


Ten Comic Commandments
Comedians Marshall Brandon and Gaylon Solo Jones with Eduardo D. Ortiz Star & Directed this Tribute to Notorious B.I.G. the only way they know how, with music and laughter.
Joey Reynolds LIVE!!!Solstice in Times Square: Athleta Mind Over Madness Yoga with Rajashree
Yoga with Joey Reynolds. Several thousand people decend on Times Square do yoga with Rajashree. We also talk with Michael Colavito and many other new yorker's...
Runaway Squad on A&E
Joe Mazzilli spent 15 years with the NYPD busting every kind of criminal, dealing with every kind of crime. But what he was most affected by were the runaway kids he saw fall through the cracks only to end up abused, exploited, or killed. Now, Mazzilli’s a private investigator who has assembled a squad of highly-skilled P.I.s devoted to rescuing runaways, and bringing them home. Pseudo produced all the hidden video scenes in the series


Idle Worship - Trailer
The long awaited trailer for Idle Worship I mean long awaited. We find our trio of music exec misfits in the heat of the music scene.
Dennis Rodman's book signing
Dennis Rodman's book signing
P.S.A. - NAS
Nas bridges the gap on everyone that influenced him...


WE LIVE IN PUBLIC tells the story the greatest Internet pioneer you've never heard of, visionary Josh Harris. Award-winning director, Ondi Timoner, documented his tumultuous life for more than a decade, to create a riveting, cautionary tale of what to expect as the virtual world inevitably takes control of our lives.

we live in public

Wyclef Jean "Party to Damascus"
Check out the Wyclef's brand new "Party to Damascus" video featuring Missy Elliot. Thanks BM!
911 Conspiracy Theory Playlist
All the latest videos from youtube (over 40)that raise some interesting questions about 911. Never forget we deserve the truth!
UFO Conspiracy Playlist
Watch all the best evidence of UFOs from this in depth playlist of over 40 videos
Electronic Music Playlist
Electronic Playlist of the koolest music videos on youtube. Non stop music for over an hour of your favorite Electronic music
Pseudo Exclusive Interview with Collective Soul
Collective Soul the band that gave us hits like "Shine", "December", "Gel", "Why pt.2" and many others, are back on the scene with their brand new album "Youth". Here's Pseudo's very own Stephen with Joel and Ed of Collective Soul. Special thx to "S" at I.E. Marketing for setting it all up!
Like Whoa
Skaters of NYC at their best. Jumping and grinding everything possible. Many days of hard work and dedication for the love of the sport. Special thanks goes out to ABC skate shop, Balance skate shop, 55 DSL, Pseudo.com, and all that love the sport.
Ice T "Body Count"
Ice T performes "Body Count" at the Key Club in LA. Check out this reunion that pioneered the rock hiphop connection.
Rare DieHard Derek Wrestling Promo (1999) - Pseudo.com
Many years ago, NWA Shockwave booker Derek Gordon was known as "DieHard" Derek - host of the first ever pro wrestling internet TV show "...And Justice For Brawl" from 1997-2000.

Die Hard Wrestling

Cherrybomb Fashion Show
The First Annual Cherrybomb Fashion Show was a celebration of the female form. The chicks were hot, the fashion was fierce, and the crowd craved more.

View Pics

Rabbit in the Moon
The electronica outfit Rabbit in the Moon, comprised of Dave Christophere, "Monk" and "Bunny," is one of the hottest groups on today's scene. Combining the blends of world beat samples with Florida deep house create a unique sound all its own. Their live performances are legendary and they continue to pack the house with their marathon sets at raves around the globe.
Wyclef gets arrested
Wyclef gets arrested at city hall durring a protest against the school budget cuts.
Burning Man
If you've never been to Burning Man here is a sample of the culture, art, and people who attend. Support the project anyway you can it may be the last true tribal art fesival left in the country and there are those who would stop it. Julie Covello returns with her best stuff yet.
Jam Master Jay at the Scratch academy
This is a loving tribute to Jam Master Jay who was our friend and inspiration for teaching kids. Scratch will live on in your memory. Enjoy this clip we had so much fun with Jay that day.
Naughty By Nature and 3LW
Naughty By Nature and 3LW on FOX5 Live Broadcast

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Babyphat fashion show @ Radio City Music Hall
Produced for Current TV we followed Machala from Essence Magazine along with Shanon from Current for the best fashion week has to offer.
Joey Reynolds in Central Park with Sid Bernstein
Joey interviews the legendary Sid Bernstein in Strawberry Fields. After watching Guitar Man David Ippolito's show. Some beautiful though about John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and the Second Avenue Deli...
The Club Report @ China Club
Get ready for double the trouble as Stacey and Cathrine visit China Club.
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