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Nine Inch Nails "Perfect Drug"

2 Felix Baumgartner Interview at Tourneau's 510 Madison Avenue Store
3 911 Conspiracy Theory Playlist
4 =JUDGECAL'S= High Weirdness - Body Modifaction
5 In the Life with Steve Stanulis featuring Jason Mewes
6 Jay Z and Solange Make Up
7 Joey Reynolds LIVE!!!Solstice in Times Square: Athleta Mind Over Madness Yoga with Rajashree
8 UFO Conspiracy Playlist
9 In The Life with Steve Stanulis featuring Madame Mayhem
10 Idle Worship - Trailer

Do you think Obama should be impeached?
Yes worst Pres ever
No he saved the USA from financial ruin
Their all the same no way only 2 years to go
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Le Tigre "TKO"
Le Tigre's holds a deliriously addictive, hybrid sound the band calls "feminist punk electronic music”. This Island (release Jan 3 ’05) delves into the personal lives of the band members including a hooky club track celebrating lesbian cultural presence!


Bjork "Who Is It?"
Icelandic songstress, Bjork has just released the second single, "Who Is It", from her groundbreaking album Medulla. Check out this visually stunning video from one of music's most eclectic singers!


Chevelle "Vitamin R"
Inspired by the lurching riffs of Helmet and the soft-loud vocal styling of Tool, Chicago-based trio Chevelle's aggressive, heavy sound is all about mounting tension exploding into raw guitar bursts. Formed in 1995, Chevelle's members are brothers Sam (drums), Pete (vocals, guitar) and Joe (bass) Loeffler.


R.E.M "Leaving New York"
R.E.M. marks the point when post-punk turned into alternative rock. While there were a number of hardcore and punk bands in the US during the early '80s, R.E.M. brought guitar-pop back into the underground lexicon.


Yellowcard "Only One"
Yellowcard offers a passionate brand of upbeat punk -- but with a twist, complementing the standard band setup with the exotic (by rock standards, anyway) inclusion of a violin as a rhythm instrument.


Bowling for Soup "1985"
Bowling for Soup take a humorous look back at the golden age of MTV and the music scene of the 80's and ask some pretty damn good questions in their brand new video "1985" from their latest release "A Hangover You Don't Deserve"
Velvet Revolver "Fall to Pieces"
Velvet Revolver's debut album has already been certified platinum and the band continues its 1st tour together. Check out the 2nd single "Fall to Pieces" a very personal & haunting song written by VR frontman Scott Weiland.
Taking Back Sunday "A Decade Under The Influence"
Formed in November of 1999, Amityville, NY's Taking Back Sunday completed its lineup in December of 2000, when Adam Lazzara took over vocals and Shaun Cooper was added on bass. Here's "A Decade Under The Influence".


South "Colours In Waves"
The U.K. trio South and nomadic quartet Metric mine their energy from very different places -- the former from an easygoing mash-up of pub rock, mopey Brit psychedelica and dance grooves, the latter cribbing New Wave's nervy synth lines and clashing guitars. Off their brand new album check out "Colours In Waves".
Zero 7 "Somersault"
The men behind U.K. soul outfit Zero 7 are producers Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker. They launched their careers in the music industry as tea boys at a London recording studio. Sia Furler’s vocal is outstanding as ever and immediately transports you to that summer’s day. This one will put your feet back on the ground...


Modest Mouse "Float On"
The USA-based art-punk trio Modest Mouse comprises Isaac Brock(vocals/guitar), Eric Judy(bass) and Jeremiah Green(drums). Off their brand new album "Good News For People Who Love Bad News" here's their latest, "FLOAT ON"!!


The Beta Band "Assessment"
The Beta Band are John Maclean, Steve Mason, Robin Jones, and Richard Greentree. Formed while studying at college in Edinburgh, Scotland, they bring an eclectic mix of alternative and kraut rock styles with ambient dub and samples. Special thanks to "J" at Astralwerks!
Coldplay "Speed of Sound"
Coldplay's finally back after three years with X&Y and the first single and music video Speed of Sound!

watch nme.com for the exclusive interview

Arctic monkeys "I bet you look good on the dancefloor"


My Chemical Romance "Welcome to the Black Parade"
My Chem's latest single off their new album "The Black Parade." Looks like they're changing up the pace a little bit!
Franz Ferdinand - Michael
Did you know: The song contains a secret message from 1:35 to 1:39 saying, "She's worried about you, call your mother", if played backwards.
Oasis - "Little By Little"
From the album "Heathen Chemistry", released in 2002.
The Killers "Mr. Brightside"
This one goes out to "Dan C". Hailing from LA, this band has cited as influences everyone from The Cars to Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins to Talking Heads, The Beatles to their hometown hero, Elvis. Here's "Mr. Brightside".
Peter Bjorn & John - Young Folks
This song has now been re-released!
Radiohead - "Karma Police"
Beck "Loser"
Beck Hansen spent his formative years in coffeehouses creating a suburban, angst-ridden presence that would eventually lead to a multi-platinum career. Special Thanks to ‘D’ @ Cornerstone.


The Killers "Somebody Told Me"
Hailing from a city of sky-scraping facade, Las Vegas' The Killers are a mighty fine example of style over substance. With the sounds of Interpol, Duran Duran, Blondie and The Cure all wrapped in one here's their latest. Special thanks to "T" at Cornerstone!
Red Hot Chili Peppers "Can't Stop"
Jack Johnson "Upside Down"
Jack Johnson's curiousity gets the better of him in this catchy song from the animated feature film Curious George.


Pulp - Common People
The song is about those who were perceived by the songwriter as wanting to be "like common people" and who ascribe glamour to poverty.
Supergrass - Alright
"We are young / we are free / Keep our teeth / nice and clean" is hardly an incendiary motto, but the lyrics to "Alright" rather summed up Supergrass' influential Britpop statement of intent, I Should Coco. It's about being young, about riding on buses, about smoking cigarettes and about getting a little bit tipsy.
Mark Ronson ft Amy Winehouse - Valerie
Mark Ronson was born in London but moved to New York when he was eight. This year he asked his English compatriot to sing with him. Her raucous voice makes this song so exciting.
Dizzee vs. The Strokes - Just a Reptilian
A brilliant mash-up by a guy named Lionel Vinyl. The singing sounds partly almost mad but the song definitely makes you wanna dance. One last thing: Try to figure out what the producer wants to express by the video.
Babyshambles - Fuck Forever
Coldplay "The Scientist"
Check out Coldplay's latest video "The Scientist".
Pixies "Where is my mind"
Pixies where is my mind. From Fight Club
Coldplay Viva la Vida
New from Coldplay Viva la Vida. The video isn't out yet just the itunes ad and the MTV performance. Soon as its out we'll get it.
Smashing Pumpkins "Today"
A blast from the past. Want some ice cream and some sex. Love this video!


Incubus "Drive"
Check out this live clip of Incubus. Their unique sound is not just found in the studio, if you've never seen them live your missing a great show.
Jimmy Eat World "The Middle"
Jimmy Eat World took a much different path to stardom. Having no record company, no manager, or A & R person liberated the band and helped to deliver their strongest effort to date, "Bleed American". Fueled by the first single "The Middle".
Plain White Ts - Hey There Delilah
What's it like in New York City? Met these guys in a hotel room once there a lot of fun but I don't think there still looking for Delilah
Mindless Self Indulgence "Shut Me Up"
Mindless Self Indulgence brings us an interesting video showcasing there rapcore talent. ohh yeah, come get some
Filter - Welcome To The Fold
© 2010 WMG Filter, Welcome to the Fold,
Crystal Method and Filter - trip like i do
"(Can't You) Trip Like I Do" is a reworking of "Trip Like I Do", a song featured on The Crystal Method's debut album Vegas. The track was recorded for the 1997 film adaptation of the Spawn comic book series. The song was co-written by Filter, who also appeared on vocals and guitars and in the song's video.
Caesars "Jerk It Out"
That catchy tune you've been hearing on the iPod Shuffle commercial is the Caesars "Jerk It Out" from their U.S. debut album, '39 Minutes Of Bliss (In An Otherwise Meaningless World.).' At the end of April the brand new Caesars album, 'Paper Tigers,' will be released!!
Faith No More "Epic"
The video, filmed in 1990, for the song, "Epic", from Faith No More's 1989 album, "The Real Thing", FNM's 3rd album, and first with vocalist Mike Patton. Many believe this was their first single/video from the album, but in actuality, "From Out of Nowhere" was the first.
Radiohead - Creep
Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag
Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus
Nirvana "Smells like teen spirit"
Seems like along time since Cobain's been dead. This is the anthem that started the alternative music scene. Guns and drug never last.
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